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Innovative Curricular

At STEM For Kids, our goal is to provide a fun learning environment for program participants. Brain research shows that fun is an important ingredient for learning and memory.

How do we do it?

Through our rigorous curriculum development and delivery process.

We have developed a wide array of kid-friendly curricula. Each of our program curriculum is conceived in a STEM practitioner’s mind. Curriculum development involves hours of testing the concept and its delivery with children subjects to ensure that the content is easy to understand, interesting and hands-on. Any activity that does not meet our criteria is vetted out.

Equally important is training of our STEM coaches. Coaches are trained on not just the content but also delivery methods.

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Flexible Program Delivery

We provide custom STEM & STEAM activities. Enabled by our modularized proprietary curricula, we bring activities that fit your goals for in-school STEM enrichment.

Custom Program Delivery – afterschool, beforeschool, in-school field trips, special workshops or camps:

  • Want 9 weeks of hour-long after school sessions? Done.
  • Need 14 days of on-site camps? Done.
  • An hour of enrichment for all 5th grade classrooms in your school? Done.
  • 16 hours of computer programming immersion for your 7th graders? Done.
  • Regular STEM enrichment as part of your afterschool programs ? Done.
  • Tell us your programs goals and we deliver.

Plus, count on us for operational support. If you don’t want the hassle of managing students registrations, we do it for you. Ask us about our turnkey programs.We bring instructors and materials including computers, robots to your site.

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Real World Connections

At STEM For Kids, we believe in learning with a purposeful real world connection. We address the “so what” for program participants.

Our program curricula is born out of real world problems and challenges handled by people in the industry. Real world connection is a start not an after-thought in our curricula.

Plus, participants’ experiences are further enriched by industry guest speakers and role models.

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Educational Touchpoints

At STEM For Kids, we believe in hands-on enquiry-based activities with purposeful learning. Our curricula and programs align with educational standards.

  • State Specific Science Standards
  • Next Generation Science Standards
  • Common Core Math and English Language Arts
  • Information and Technology Standards
  • Computer Science Education Standards

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In School Field Trips - Workshops

We bring hands-on STEM to your students during the school day. These are grade level focused STEM workshops designed to extend students’ learning of science and math. Educators, the curricula is aligned with national and state standards.

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The 4Cs

The colors of STEM need the canvas of 4Cs to be effective.

What are the 4 Cs?

The skills of Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity. These are the key skills needed for success and individual growth.

Our programs seamlessly incorporate the 4Cs to help participants explore the mechanisms of working and thriving in today’s work environments.

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After School - Before School Programs

Per Afterschool Alliance, out of school STEM programs show positive outcomes in improving students’ attitude towards STEM careers, increasing their knowledge and skills, and providing a higher likelihood for graduation.

Bring a breadth of STEM programs to enrich your students’ learning before and after the school hours including Early Release Days. We work with mixed grade groups – convenience for you and parents as children can stay at school for these enrichment programs. We come to you. So, there is no cost to transport and it is easy for parents to pickup.

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Camps - Track Out, Summer Intersession

We can come to your site and provide custom camps for your students on-site when school is out of session.We can handle everything from student registrations to program delivery and can customize based on your needs.

Off-site track out and year round camps may also be available in your area. Check out our locations.

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